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3 common sources of premises liability

When a property owner lets someone visit their building or space, they are at risk for a premises liability suit. If someone gets hurt while visiting their property, that individual may be able to bring a claim against the owner’s insurance or even file a civil lawsuit for lost wages, medical costs and property damage losses.

Premises liability can come in many forms, but there are usually three main kinds of claims that people bring against homeowners or businesses.

Slip-and-falls or negligent maintenance claims

Slip-and-falls are probably the most common of all premises liability claims. When a business doesn’t mop its floors or take care of a leak, someone could fall and get hurt. Even if it isn’t a slip, an injury that occurs in the store because of negligent maintenance could very easily lead to a civil lawsuit or insurance claim.

Inadequate or negligent security

People can become the victims of crime when they go somewhere public. Some criminals even target certain establishments. It might be easy to find tourists to rob outside of popular attractions or even the parking lots of hotels.

Business owners should recognize the risk of crime and invest in proper lighting, security cameras and even security staff. If basic precautions would have prevented a crime, the business could be liable to the victim.

Dog bites

Both homeowners who don’t contain their dogs and businesses who allow an owner’s pet on the premises could wind up with liability if the dog turns injures a human. Dog bites can cause thousands of dollars in medical costs and could necessitate insurance claims or even civil lawsuits.

Recognizing the different kinds of premises liability can help you understand if your recent injury might be actionable.