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5 common causes of semitruck crashes

Everyone know the dangers of driving on highways and interstates. Just think about the vast number of vehicles that traverse these busy roads. Now, think about how fast the speed limit is on these roads. Add in large semitrucks, and you have a recipe for serious crashes.

A big rig crash can lead to serious injuries. In some cases, they lead to death. For the men and women who are injured by a semitruck, the cause of the crash is often something they want to know. Here are five common causes of 18-wheeler crashes:

Other drivers

Other drivers on the roadway can cause semitruck crashes. One way that this can occur is if another vehicle cuts the semitruck off. All drivers need to remember that these large vehicles take a long distance to stop when they are traveling at highway speeds. Cutting in front of a semitruck might mean that the vehicle is rear-ended or it could force the trucker to take evasive action that might lead to an accident.

Trucker fatigue

Just like driver fatigue can lead to accidents, so can trucker fatigue. This is dangerous because a fatigued trucker might “zone out” and react to possible hazards on the road appropriately. This could mean that the trucker causes an accident. Trucker fatigue can be caused by lack of sleep, but it can also be caused by medical conditions, a hot and stuffy cab of the truck, highway hypnosis and a host of other reasons.


Distractions, such as cellphones and radios, can take a driver’s attention off the roadway. Even reaching for something in the cab of the truck or taking a sip of something to drink can lead to distractions. Truckers must give their full attention to the road so that they can react to the flow of traffic and other occurrences.

Rushed delivery timelines

Trucking companies provide clients with a delivery time. This is a good business practice so that the recipient of the goods knows when to expect the truck. The problem with this is that trucking companies sometimes promise very close deadlines that can lead to the trucker trying to drive too fast or skirt around regulations that govern how many hours per shift a trucker can drive.

Improper load securement

Loads that aren’t secured properly can lead to accidents. The items can become unsecured and come off of the truck. This makes these items a hazard to other drivers because they could strike a vehicle or land in the roadway. Loads that are improperly secured can also shift, which can cause a reaction that makes the big rig impossible to control.