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AAA study finds infotainment systems dangerous

Illinois drivers know that the handheld use of cellphones or other electronic devices is against the law when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Making phone calls, sending text messages and more are all activities that should be done via other means when a person is actively driving. Many new vehicles today come equipped with technology that allows drivers to do this, either via voice commands or via a touch screen in the vehicle’s dashboard area. However, just because these systems are built into modern vehicles does not necessarily make them safe. 

Infotainment systems exacerbate distracted driving 

A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety evaluated 40 infotainment systems from multiple vehicle manufacturers, including some phone operating system-based products, to determine which may be safe for use. Sadly, none of the systems met the criteria set forth by AAA which would have such systems place a low demand on drivers. 

Moderate demand was the best rating in the study and was received by only 11 systems. Another 12 systems required a high level of demand and the remaining 17 required very high demand from drivers. The demand levels may involve any combination of manual, visual and cognitive attention. When all three factors are involved, a driver’s distraction level is excessive. 

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