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Are you aware of these office hazards

You may be under the impression that because you work in an office in Illinois rather than at a construction site or an auto repair shop, you are not at extreme risk of injuring yourself. While you may not be at the most risk of employee harm, the modern office certainly has its share of hazards that can lead to injury.

The Society for Human Resources Management breaks down several office hazards. Use their insights to remain safe and unharmed.

Repetitive movement and posture injuries 

Depending on how you sit at your desk and how you arrange your work station, you could suffer an ergonomic injury. Specifically, desk chairs with poor lumbar support and improper computer and keyboard arrangement can lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

Fall, trips and slips 

Loose cords and carpet, wet floors, uneven surfaces and general clutter can cause a person to slip or trip. Even inclement weather that finds its way inside an office building and is not promptly cleaned up can become a hazard. Besides proper signage and cleaning up spills, securing cords and carpet and keeping work areas clean helps protect employees from unnecessary injury.

Indoor air quality 

Employers who fail to maintain their HVAC system, including regularly cleaning vents, put employees at risk of suffering respiratory infections and irritants. Besides poor ventilation, strong cleaning chemicals, the presence of mold and packing too many people into a small enclosed space can also negatively impact indoor air quality. Regular and preventative HVAC maintenance, air filtration and general cleanliness go a long way in improving office air quality.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.