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September 2017 Archives

The dangers of driving at night

When driving on Illinois roads at night, drivers may face a unique set of hazards that could result in a car accident. In order to stay as safe as possible, drivers should be aware of some of the potential issues that they may face when the sun goes down.

Medical malpractice and the disclosure of HIV status

Illinois residents who are concerned about how their medical information is handled may be interested in a New Jersey lawsuit regarding a physician's unauthorized disclosure of a patient's HIV diagnosis. The plaintiff was being treated by a nephrologist who disclosed the patient's health and HIV-positive status in front of a third party during an emergency consultation in the private hospital room occupied by the patient.

Volkswagen recalls popular cars because of fuel pump issues

Illinois Volkswagen owners should be aware of a recall issued by the company covering CC and Passat models. The German car maker announced a recall of nearly 281,000 cars because of problems with their fuel pumps. According to documents filed by VW, the computer that controls the fuel pump can lose power, stopping the flow of gas to the engine. The same problem can also cause the fuel pump to continue running even when the vehicle has been shut off.