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March 2018 Archives

Construction accidents in trenches pose danger

Construction workers in Illinois are often at a high risk of workplace accidents due to the nature of the job. Dealing with heavy machinery, precarious and unfinished structures and arduous physical labor can lead to serious on-the-job injuries that lead to lifelong disabilities or even fatalities. While the nature of construction work poses its own dangers, these threats are significantly intensified when employers and work sites fail to follow best practices and federal guidelines for safety. One of the most concerning aspects of construction work can be labor in trenches and excavations with the attendant risk of collapses, cave-ins and falls.

FMCSA begins hard enforcement of ELD mandate in April

Commercial truck drivers in Illinois and elsewhere in the U.S. may be struggling to comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation's mandate that their trucks come with electronic logging devices to record their duty status. They should know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been providing truckers with a period of soft enforcement ever since the mandate was implemented in December 2017.

Study results on distracted driving

According to a study conducted by Esurance, an insurance company, even though a majority of drivers in Illinois and the rest of the nation agree that distracted driving is dangerous, many drivers still engage in the behavior. The results of the study also indicate that the drivers who state that they hardly drive while distracted do admit to participating in distracting behavior.

FMCSA faces lawsuit over sleep apnea regulations

Truck accidents caused by fatigue are a major public health concern for federal officials and roadway drivers in Illinois and throughout the United States. The danger posed by sleepy drivers at risk of dozing off behind the wheel while operating massive semi trucks is serious; other drivers and passengers can suffer severe injuries and even death as a result of collisions. Sleep apnea, a disorder that prevents sufferers from achieving sufficiently restful nights, can be one cause of truck driver fatigue.