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May 2018 Archives

Fatal trucking accidents on the rise

Many people in Illinois and across the country worry about the danger of experiencing a crash or collision when they get behind the wheel and take to the roads. Even drivers who concentrate on safety cannot control the actions and behavior of others on the road, and accidents caused by others' negligent driving can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. The concern can be particularly significant when it comes to trucking accidents because the size and mass of these vehicles might mean a devastating outcome for passenger car drivers, pedestrians and others.

Your rights after a gym injury in Illinois

Going to the gym is about challenging your body to go further and harder than it has before. Therefore, this environment makes gym injuries quite common. Perhaps you lifted too heavy, injuring a muscle, or went too hard on the treadmill, which can potentially put too much stress on your cardiovascular system.

The pros and cons of LASIK

LASIK is a surgical procedure that can improve a person's eyesight. By changing the shape of the cornea, the procedure allows Illinois patients to rely less on glasses and contacts to see properly. The FDA regulates any device used to perform a LASIK surgery, but it does not regulate the doctor who performs it.

CVSA schedules Operation Safe Driver Week for July

Commercial truck drivers in Illinois should know about the Operation Safe Driver Program, which was created by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in the effort to reduce traffic injuries and deaths. As part of the program, the CVSA will be holding Operation Safe Driver Week from July 15 to 21. Law enforcement officials nationwide will be on the lookout for unsafe driving behavior in commercial trucks as well as the vehicles near them.

Understanding settlements after a truck accident

In Illinois, many accidents involving large trucks are settled without going to trial. Plaintiffs and defendants are able to negotiate settlement agreements at any time during the litigation of the claims. It is important for people to understand the settlement process and what they might expect.

Repetitive stress trauma is a serious matter

Many different injuries can occur while a person is working. Some of these are the result of accidents, but they can also be due to the repetitive motions that some workers do. Regardless of the cause, all workers who are injured while carrying out their job duties should be able to receive workers' compensation for those.

Mobile apps can help avoid misdiagnosis

For patients in Illinois going into the hospital or seeking treatment for an unknown condition, the threat of misdiagnosis may loom as a major concern. There are a number of mobile applications that aim to protect patients and improve the diagnostic process. Despite the growth in the technology, many have not been evaluated, and their impact on patient outcomes is unknown. One app that has been studied is the PTT Advisor, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.