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July 2018 Archives

Study suggests link between doctor burnout and medical errors

Doctors in Illinois and other parts of the United States typically make every effort to successfully treat patients. Even so, a survey involving nearly 7,000 hospital and clinical physicians suggests that many doctors in the U.S. are burnt out and more likely to make patient-related errors. The poll covered a wide range of issues that may affect doctor performance, including workplace safety and personal issues such as depression, fatigue and suicidal thoughts.

Long work hours and deadline pressure cause truck driver fatigue

Long stretches of highway in Illinois can wear down any motorist, but commercial truck drivers often fight through their fatigue to meet delivery deadlines. Schedules and company incentives for early deliveries add to the pressure to ignore weariness and keep on trucking. Drowsy driving, however, impairs driving abilities in a manner similar to drinking alcohol. Tired drivers have slower reaction times, difficulty focusing on their surroundings and impaired judgment. A truck driver who completely falls asleep behind the wheel could cause a serious or even fatal crash.

Can I make a product liability claim after a car accident?

Often when a car accident occurs, the biggest question after injuries are addressed is the question of which party is to blame. Usually the party to blame for the incident is one of the drivers involved in the incident. However, occasionally the blame for an incident can be attributed to a car manufacturer in a situation when there was a defect present in the car, and, as a result, the accident occurred. Filing a claim against a car manufacturer when the car has a defect is done through product liability claims.

Bloomberg NEF on how driverless cars will change insurance

Some experts have made dire predictions about the auto insurance industry's survival in the age of driverless cars. For example, a 2016 Morgan Stanley report called, "Are Auto Insurers on the Road to Nowhere," estimates that the industry will shrink to about 20 percent of its current size by 2040. However, Illinois residents should be aware of newer research, which does not seem to point to such a sudden decline.

Report shows growing presence of drugs in fatally injured drivers

The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released a new report concerning drug use and fatal car crashes. Considering that medical marijuana is legalized in Illinois, motorists in the Land of Lincoln may be concerned about local road safety.