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August 2018 Archives

Ford recalls hybrids over charging cord fire threat

Some Illinois car owners might be affected by the news that Ford has ordered the recall of thousands of plug-in hybrid vehicles after learning that some of their power cords overheated and started fires. The models affected include the Focus hatchback, Fusion sedan and C-Max wagons built between 2012 and 2015. Ford says that it will distribute replacement power cords that automatically stop charging when the plug or wall outlet become dangerously hot.

The road safety benefits of roundabouts

According to road safety advocates, hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in taxpayer money could be saved each year in Illinois and around the country if some traditional intersections were replaced by roundabouts. Roundabouts, which are often referred to as traffic circles, are ubiquitous in Europe but quite rare in the United States. However, that may change in the years ahead as the safety benefits of replacing traffic lights and stop signs with roundabouts that slow down rather than stop traffic become more widely understood.

Workers' compensation for a self-employed roofer

If you are self-employed and have a roofing company, you may have concerns about insurance in the event of becoming injured on the job. Roofing has several and many obvious risks associated with it, so it is vital that you cover yourself and any contractors that you employ appropriately.

Tips for staying safe on the road

Illinois drivers who want to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible will want to consider some of the following safety tips. Safe driving starts with giving full attention to the road; this means no distracting activities like calling, texting, adjusting the radio, eating or reaching down to pick up fallen items. Children should be securely buckled up so that they, too, do not create distractions.

Newly licensed teens can be dangerous drivers

Teen motorists in Illinois may be bigger threats to others on the roadway during the first three months after they receive their licenses. When teens have only a learner's permit, they must drive with adult accompaniment. However, they are legally allowed to travel alone once they get their licenses. The major changes that solo driving can bring were illustrated by one recent study that examined the teen driving safety. This study, which included 90 teens and 131 parents, was conducted by Virginia Tech and the National Institutes for Health.

Cellphone use may be higher among women drivers

The use of hand-held cellphones, computers and other electronic communications devices by drivers is prohibited in Illinois, but accident statistics suggest that motorists in the state often ignore this law. A team of Australian researchers wanted to find out why so many drivers use cellphones while behind the wheel despite research revealing that doing so can greatly increases their chances of being involved in an accident, and they found that women and inexperienced drivers are particularly prone to this kind of behavior.