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October 2018 Archives

What fleet owners should know about distracted driving

In a AAA survey, 88 percent of respondents said that they believe distracted driving is on the rise whereas a smaller percentage said the same for aggressive, drugged and drunk driving. Truck fleet owners in Illinois should know the dangers of distracted driving so that they can come up with effective ways to prevent accidents among their drivers.

How ELD requirements impact drivers and consumers

In December 2017, truck drivers in Illinois and elsewhere were required to start using electronic logging devices (ELDs). Generally speaking, truck drivers tend to not like the requirement. In fact, some have complained that it makes their jobs more dangerous and reduces their pay. The electronic devices monitor a vehicle's engine to determine how many hours it has been driven in a given day. In the past, drivers had the option of using an ELD or logging their hours by hand.

Many recalled cars never get repaired

Manufacturing or design defects show up in vehicles throughout Illinois all of the time. Recalls are conducted when these problems seriously affect the safety of drivers and passengers. Even though it's in the best interest of a vehicle owner to follow the recall, a report from the Consumer Federation of America shows that 25 to 30 percent of recalled vehicles never get repaired. At any given time, there are as many as 70 million vehicles with open recalls out on the road.

Making a claim for a botox injury in Illinois

There are many reasons why a person might decide to have Botox procedures or other injectables. Botox can be used for cosmetic reasons, but it has also been shown to reduce the pain associated with migraines. Other injectables may be used in lips or cheeks in order to achieve the desired aesthetic affect.

OSHA program on trench and excavation safety updated

Many construction workers in Illinois have to work in and around trenches, so they will want to know that OSHA has updated its National Emphasis Program on trenching and excavation. The updates reflect the need for increased enforcement as worker injuries and fatalities have gone up in recent years. Between 2011 and 2016, 130 workers died in trenching and excavation operations, and 49 percent of those fatalities occurred between 2015 and 2016 alone.

Reducing drug errors with pharmacist and patient intervention

Pharmacists are often the last line of defense when it comes to preventing possible medication mistakes that may adversely affect patients in Illinois. Yet dispensing errors could be responsible for just under 22 percent of medication oversights that may impact patients' health, according to results from one study. This doesn't mean pharmacists don't actively try to protect patients as much as possible. However, patients can be equally proactive when it comes to reducing pharmacy-related mistakes.