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January 2019 Archives

Kia, Hyundai car fires may be due to improper recall fixes

Illinois residents who own a Kia or Hyundai vehicle may have heard of fires involving cars from these two brands. The Center for Auto Safety reported a total of 276 across 44 states with 25 fires in Florida alone. This data spans up to the first week of January 2019. It turns out, however, that a certain Kia employee had warned the automaker back in 2017 about an issue that could be contributing to the fires.

Conditions migraine sufferers are sometimes misdiagnosed with

Migraine sufferers in Illinois know all too well how headaches of this nature can affect their daily life. Because of the way nerve pathways and chemicals in the brain are affected by this condition, however, symptoms associated with migraines can mimic symptoms of other conditions. This unique characteristic of migraines sometimes leads to misdiagnoses. According to one study, only one in 20 patients are correctly diagnosed with migraines.

Making a claim for a botox injury in Illinois

There are many reasons why a person might decide to have Botox procedures or other injectables. Botox can be used for cosmetic reasons, but it has also been shown to reduce the pain associated with migraines. Other injectables may be used in lips or cheeks in order to achieve the desired aesthetic affect.

When is chronic pain linked with medical malpractice?

When you are experiencing chronic pain, it is likely that your first thought is to visit your doctor's office or go to the emergency room. Most people expect that they will then receive adequate treatment that will both address the root of the condition and relieve, at least somewhat, the pain associated with it.

Reducing the chances of a large truck collision

Illinois drivers have good reason to be cautious around large trucks. Commercial truck drivers can become drowsy and distracted behind the wheel, causing severe accidents. However, one expert says that 70 percent of all collisions between trucks and cars are caused by drivers of the latter. The U.S. DoT found that 66 percent of all large truck fatalities in 2016 were passenger vehicle occupants.

Use of EHRs may lead to medical errors

Electronic health records are increasingly used in medical practice in Illinois, but they may play a part in medical safety errors, especially errors in medication. A study published by Health Affairs found that more than 50 percent of pediatric medical errors were linked to the functionality of EHR systems. The studied involved more than 9000 safety reports from people who were patients from 2012 to 2017. Records from three separate healthcare companies were examined.

Protecting employees from scaffolding accidents

Improper scaffolding practices composed the third leading OSHA violation in 2016, resulting in some 3,900 citations. Every year, employers throughout Illinois and the rest of the U.S. pay out about $90 million in lost work days due to scaffolding injuries. Construction workers are especially prone to these injuries; approximately 2.3 million (or 65 percent) of them regularly work on scaffolds. Out of that, about 4,500 are injured every year. About 60 die.