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May 2019 Archives

Driver negligence can occur in many different ways

Car accidents generally involve one or more negligent parties. To be found legally negligent in an accident, a motorist must have had and violated a duty of care to the victim. Furthermore, a negligent party must have caused a victim to incur losses that were directly attributable to his or her actions. For instance, if a crash involving an impaired driver occurred on an Illinois highway, that person may have violated the duty of care owed to a victim.

Studies look at IT errors in medical settings

In some hospitals, the biomedical and IT departments are not communicating as well as they could be, and that could lead to medical errors for patients in Illinois. According to one study, when hospitals work to improve communication between these departments, patient safety improves.

What can I do when a doctor is responsible for my suffering?

All medical professionals in the United States have the legal duty to act with competence and in the best interests of their patients at all times. This means that as long as the medical provider is taking the best possible action according to the specific situation, they will likely not be held accountable, even if mistakes and errors occur.

Operation Safe Driver Week to crack down on speeding

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance cracks down on unsafe driving through Operation Safe Driver Week, a period of increased traffic law enforcement. Truck and passenger car motorists in Illinois will be affected. If stopped, they may be issued a warning or a citation.

Fatal car crash risk goes up even in light rain

The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society has published the results of a study that shows how even light rain can raise the risk of a fatal car crash. Illinois residents should know that this study uses precise data that previous studies of weather-related crashes did not.