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Distracted driving can put you at risk of severe injury

No matter how careful you are behind the wheel of your car, you can only reduce your risk of a crash. By choosing not to engage in dangerous behaviors, like drinking and driving or texting while you drive, you do your part to keep the roads safe and comply with the law.

Be skeptical of any initial settlement offer from insurers

Carrying insurance is a means of protecting yourself against financial losses related to automobile accidents, health issues or other unexpected problems you may experience. Most people assume that insurance companies will take care of them in a worst-case scenario, but that simply isn't always the case.

Tips to stay safe and sane on the road during the holidays

The holiday season is about to be in full swing. The shopping malls are going to be overflowing with people, the parking lot at the supermarket will be full, and everyone on the road in Belleville is going to be dashing from one place to another trying to find that perfect gift. In addition to the madness, the weather is starting to become more erratic, increasing the likelihood of a car accident. In general, getting behind the wheel during the holidays is necessary but dangerous.

Causes and risks of traumatic brain injury: What you should know

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by anything from a simple fall to a major car accident. In fact, falls attribute to most TBIs that occur, especially for people 75 years of age or older. While this particular demographic often winds up in the hospital after suffering a TBI induced by a fall, the truth is that anyone of any age can suffer from a traumatic brain injury.