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New bill may help prevent side underride crash fatalities

A side underride crash occurs when a car collides into the side of a truck and slides underneath it. Since a car's safety features are rendered useless in such crashes, the fatality rate for underrides is high. About 200 people are killed every year in these types of accidents. Illinois drivers should know, however, that members of Congress proposed a bill in December 2017, called the Stop Underrides Act of 2017.

Long commutes by truck drivers to be studied by FMCSA

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, excessive commuting is any work commute in excess of 150 minutes. The FMCSA is gathering information regarding the commutes of commercial motor vehicle drivers in Illinois and other states in an effort to meet the requirements of Section 5515 of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. Section 5515 requires a study of the effects of excessive commuting by motor carriers.

Keeping finances secure during a divorce

Residents in Illinois and other parts of the country might discover that finances can easily be depleted when going through a divorce. Money is spent on hiring an attorney in addition to paying the everyday bills that need to be covered, such as a house payment or a car payment. When going through a divorce, one can utilize a few financial strategies to protect their finances and to save as much money as possible.

Pushing the FMCSA for sleep apnea screening rules

Obstructive sleep apnea leads to poor sleep during the night and drowsiness during the day, which makes it a particularly dangerous condition for truck drivers. Accidents in Illinois and throughout the U.S. can be attributed to undiagnosed OSA.

5 common causes of semitruck crashes

Everyone know the dangers of driving on highways and interstates. Just think about the vast number of vehicles that traverse these busy roads. Now, think about how fast the speed limit is on these roads. Add in large semitrucks, and you have a recipe for serious crashes.