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Dealing with aggressive drivers and road rage

While most motorists are safe, there are also many aggressive drivers on the Illinois roadways. The important thing is to avoid aggravating those drivers even more. The following are a few tips for diffusing road rage.

First, drivers must stay calm. Some techniques, such as listening to soothing music, can be helpful. Remembering that anger will not help matters could also be salutary. Most people are aware that road rage can have a negative effect on the body; even gripping the steering wheel in anger can result in constricted blood flow and headaches. Second, drivers must never make eye contact with the other driver, honk the horn, flash high beams, make hand gestures or do anything else that be taken as a provocation.

When bullied by cars behind them, drivers should neither speed up nor slow down but rather switch lanes and allow the offending vehicle to pass. In situations where other drivers may not have been acting out of aggression, give them the benefit of the doubt. For example, a driver may take a parking spot because he or she didn’t notice that another had an eye on it.

While many car accidents occur out of driver negligence, others arise from recklessness and even malice. When filing for an injury claim, victims may want legal representation. Besides seeking compensation for vehicle damage and medical costs, victims might be able to sue for punitive damages. A lawyer can assess the claim, factor in any contributory negligence, hire investigators to gather the right paperwork and begin negotiations or go straight to litigation.