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Did You Develop Sepsis From a Hospital-Acquired Infection?

A hospital-acquired infection (HAI) can have deadly consequences. Vulnerable groups such as infants, the elderly and immunocompromised patients are especially at risk of developing severe complications from HAIs. A potentially dangerous possibility is when such an infection leads to sepsis.

Sepsis happens when an infection triggers an extreme response by your immune system leading to organ dysfunction. Exposure to bacteria or other pathogens at the hospital could be the reason behind the initial infection that led to sepsis, and it could point to negligence.

Hospitals owe patients a reasonable duty of care

Hospitals and healthcare providers owe their patients a duty of care. It means that they must take reasonable steps to prevent harm from befalling their patients. If the hospital failed to maintain a safe and healthy environment leading to an infection that caused sepsis, it could amount to a breach of the duty of care owed.

You may have a valid medical negligence claim

Would you have acquired the infection had proper sanitary conditions been observed at the facility? Were the staff negligent when discharging their duties leading to an HAI? Such negligence includes lack of patient monitoring, use of unsterilized equipment or even failure to regularly clean a patient’s room.

If so, someone should be held liable for the harm you suffered. Sepsis can cause untold pain and suffering, and there is a likelihood of long-term effects among some patients.

Protect your legal rights

If you or a loved one developed sepsis or an infection acquired at the hospital, you deserve compensation for the harm suffered. It all starts with bringing a medical malpractice claim against the negligent facility.

If you do not understand how such claims work and your rights as a victim, it is advisable to get the necessary guidance as soon as possible. It could make a huge difference and improve the likelihood of getting a deserving settlement.