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Do you know the dangers associated with textured breast implants?

There’s been an uptick in reports of individuals suffering adverse health complications following breast implant surgeries in recent years, yet few patients hesitate to go under the knife. A recent recall of textured breast implants manufactured by Allergan again spotlights the dangers associated with these cosmetic enhancements.

The dangers that these breast implants pose

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report announcing the recall highlighted how researchers discovered a potential link between the Allergan implants and a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. 

Federal regulators noted how it attacks a patient’s immune system. They indicated that there had already been 573 patients who’d received cancer diagnosis by then. At least 33 had died. 

That same report noted how European regulators banned the textured implants in question in 2018 even though only 5% of the population chose to receive these out of fear that they posed a health risk. 

What’s the prognosis like for individuals with these breast implants?

Many patients who received such diagnoses became cancer-free after doctors removed their implants and their surrounding breast tissue. There were some incidents in which the patient’s doctors detected the patient’s cancer too late, resulting in its metastasis and subsequent death. Both women pursuing a breast augmentation procedure and those undergoing a reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy have received anaplastic large-cell lymphoma after receiving these implants. 

The FDA highlighted how dangerous textured implants when announcing the Allergan recall in 2019. They noted how someone with Biocell textured implants has six times the chance of suffering an adverse medical outcome than someone who chooses to purchase some other kind. 

What to do if your breast implants caused you health problems

It’s not uncommon for women to suffer complications following a breast implant surgery or anytime someone introduces a foreign substance or object into the body. Many consumers expect manufacturers to perform rigorous testing on their products to ensure that they’re reasonably safe before putting them on the market, though. 

An attorney will want you to share with them more details about your surgery and the symptoms you encountered afterward. Your Belleville lawyer will then advise you of how Illinois law may allow you to sue the manufacturer for negligence.