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Electrocution risks in the construction industry

The construction industry provides crucial employment to workers across Illinois. No matter where you are across the state, there is usually some form of building going on. Generally, workers get by each day without coming to any harm. Nonetheless, construction work is still widely regarded as one of the most hazardous vocations out there. 

Whether it’s operating heavy machinery, working from a height or underground, workers in construction are constantly exposed to a risk of injury – including electrocution. 

How common are electrocution accidents? What causes them and how may they be prevented? Here’s what you need to know:

Power Tools rely on electricity

Drills, nail guns and grinders are all generally powered by electricity. While these instruments all make the job easier, they need to be maintained and operated in a safe manner. Also, Illinois is not always blessed with nice weather, and outdoor construction sites can be exposed to heavy rainfall. Water and electricity do not mix.

Construction work by its very nature is also strenuous. This means that tools are subjected to wear and tear. Power tools do not last forever, and if they are faulty or show exposed wires, then they need to be condemned and replaced. 

Power Lines overhead are another big hazard

It is not uncommon to see a crane towering over everything else on the construction site. Cranes can be as high, or may even exceed the height of power lines. Site managers need to make sure that cranes can be operated safely in the vicinity of power lines. Even brief contact with these structures can result in a catastrophic accident. 

Even when all safety protocols are followed, construction work is still dangerous. Your company has a duty to ensure that you are as safe as possible, and if they have failed in this regard, you need to consider your legal options. If your claim for workers’ compensation isn’t going well, it may be time to learn more.