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EpiPen failures have been linked to 7 deaths

Many Illinois residents live with the fear of experiencing severe allergic reactions that can become deadly if left untreated. EpiPens contain the hormone epinephrine and are used in emergencies to stave off the potentially lethal effects of an allergic reaction. In the past year, EpiPens have been linked to seven deaths when the devices failed to deploy correctly.

The Food and Drug Administration received 228 reports of EpiPen failures through mid-September during the last year. Hospitalization was necessary subsequent to 35 of those events. This has resulted in a recall of some of the devices by the company that manufactures the EpiPen, Mylan NV.

The company has also been under fire for raising prices last year. The price of an EpiPen went from around $50 to more than $300 for a single shot. The United States government began conducting inquiries about the price hike, but the company has denied any wrongdoing.

In defense of the quality of the EpiPen, the company has suggested that some failures may result from the administration of the device by people who are not medically trained. However, after an investigation at a Missouri-based plant, officials issued a warning letter indicating that epinephrine leaked out of some of the devices and others failed to deploy properly.

A company that manufactures or sells a dangerous product may be held liable if the product results in a person’s injury or death. Failure of a product to work correctly may not be enough to sustain a claim for damages if the device’s failure did not result in any actual harm. A person who believes that they or a loved one has suffered damages as a result of a dangerous product may wish to consult an attorney experienced in product liability cases.