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How can I prove that distracted driving occurred?

If you were involved in a car accident in Illinois, you will want to take action so that the responsible party is held liable for what they have done. It is understandable for you to be angry and bitter toward the person whom you believe caused the incident. At the same time, it is better to put that negative energy into being proactive and taking the appropriate action.

As a victim of the car accident, you may have some memory of the events that led up to the incident, but if you suffered injuries, you may have suffered from memory loss, in addition. It is important that any witnesses who were at the scene come forward to make statements. These statements can help you to prove that the driver was engaging in distracted driving, and may help you to prove fault.

What is distracted driving?

Every driver needs to have their full attention on operating the vehicle at all times. This means that they should limit conversations in the car as much as possible, and avoid using their phone. They should also avoid attending to their children while driving, and instead find a safe place to pull over if their children need attending to. Distracted driving is any situation when a driver fails to keep their attention on the road, and it is a leading cause of car crashes.

How can distracted driving be proven?

A person may exhibit physical signs of driving while distracted. For example, if you were involved in a collision but you were unsure of the course of events, a witness statement may be able to testify that the driver you collided with was on the phone at the time. This is very important information, and it could be enough to establish fault.

Additionally, the way that the crash occurred can be enough to presume distracted driving. For example, if the other party was misaligned on the road or drove into the back of your vehicle, distracted driving is likely to be present.

If you have been in a collision and you believe that distracted driving was to blame, it is important that you take action to get justice.