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How much is your product liability claim worth?

If you have suffered injuries from using a defective product, you likely have your eyes on the amount of compensation due for the damages you suffered. You could be looking at substantial medical bills on top of missed wages if you cannot go to work as usual.

So, what amount should you expect as compensation for your defective product claim?

It depends on the extent of your injuries

Usually, the more the damages, the more the compensation you are likely to receive. Remember, damages can be economic (which covers your lost wages, property damage and medical bills) or non-economic (such as pain and suffering). You still need to be compensated for the lower quality of life and the pain and suffering brought about by the injuries caused by the defective product.

Given that damage caps were ruled unconstitutional in Illinois, it is possible to recover the full value of your claim as long as you can prove the damages.

Proving damages is key

It’s easy to provide medical bills or payslips when it comes to quantifying your economic damages. However, for the non-economic damages, it may not be so straightforward. In such a case, you can rely on reports from your doctor or statements from loved ones on how the injuries have affected close personal relationships to show how much things have changed.

The court will then decide on the best way to quantify those damages in the best interests of justice.

Protecting your claim

It is worthwhile to learn more about your rights and protect them through your case to ensure that everything concludes positively. Your defective product claim could get complicated due to the possibility of multiple potentially liable parties. If you are not careful, you could become frustrated by the back and forth and other technicalities of your claim.

With an informed mindset, you will be sure of what to expect and ready to deal with any challenges that may come up in your claim.