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If You Fall From a Faulty Ladder, Can You Claim Damages?

When working under dangerous conditions, you need to be able to depend on the tools you use. On a construction site, you expect machinery and equipment to function effectively.

This isn’t always the case, unfortunately. If the ladder you’re using turns out to be defective, the situation could result in severe injuries – especially if you’re working at heights. You may be able to make a claim for damages against the manufacturer of the product if it’s proven to be faulty.

You can claim damages for various losses

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a defective ladder, you might find yourself at the emergency room. Depending on the type of injuries you suffer, there’s a chance you could need surgery that requires a stay in the hospital. You may even find yourself with life-changing injuries that affect your ability to work. All of these challenges can result in significant medical bills. You can try to recover these expenses in your damages claim so you don’t have to absorb these costs.

If you’re unable to work you can also make a claim for lost wages that you would have received if the accident had not happened. Additionally, you can also make a claim for pain and suffering. This can include both the emotional and physical suffering that such an accident may cause. This is a loss that is more difficult to measure, but such non-economic damages are awarded to compensate for how the fall has affected your ability to enjoy life.

These accidents can have long-lasting psychological and physical consequences. You can make a claim for compensation against the manufacturer of the faulty ladder which may give you the time and resources that you need to fully recuperate.