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Labeling Issues Can Be Product Defects

Much of the time, people think of product defects as physical defects. For instance, a defective firearm would be one that is able to fire by itself, which could lead to severe injury and even death. The design process was defective or the gun was manufactured improperly. 

These types of things certainly do happen – there have even been many firearm cases over guns going off on their own – but it’s important to remember that this isn’t the only way that dangerous mistakes can be made. Something as simple as labeling issues could be enough to cause injury, and that could lead to a product defect case.

Food and allergies

One place where this issue has been found is in the food industry. Food needs to be labeled property, especially when it contains known allergens. For example, there are people who cannot eat peanuts without having to go to the hospital, and a severe reaction could even be deadly for them. If the label is printed incorrectly and claims the food doesn’t contain peanuts, that could be a fatal mistake.

Drugs and medications

A similar issue can be found with some drugs and medications that people take. For instance, a mistake on the label could tell people to take a dose that is twice as high as it actually should be. These individuals will think that they are taking the medicine correctly and safely, but they could really be causing themselves severe harm.

If these types of mistakes cause you injury, then you may need to know how to seek financial compensation. This can help to cover lost wages, medical bills and many other related costs.