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Nearly 12,000 vehicles put out of service in CVSA roadcheck

Truckers in Illinois may remember the International Roadcheck that took place from June 5 to 7. Once a year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds this event across North America, stopping trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles at random for vehicle and driver inspections. Of the 67,502 inspections conducted this year, 45,400 were the comprehensive Level I inspections.

Compared to last year, 2018 saw more inspections conducted and fewer out-of-service orders issued. While this may be an improvement, the fact remains that 11,897 vehicles and 2,664 drivers were put out of service for safety violations. Among those trucks that underwent the Level I inspection, 21.6 percent were put out of service.

The top three truck-related violations were with the brake system, the tires and wheels and brake adjustment. With brake violations being so common, it’s no wonder that the CVSA is also holding a brake inspection spree. Called Brake Safety Week, it takes place from September 16 to 22.

The most frequent out-of-service violations among drivers were hours-of-service violations, accounting for 43.7 percent. However, fewer than 2 percent of the drivers committed specific hours’ violations, which have been in the spotlight ever since the Department of Transportation mandated the use of electronic logging devices. Many drivers were also put out of service for having the wrong class of license or holding a false records of duty status.

Trucker negligence continues to be a problem, and truck accidents often result in serious injuries or death. Those who survive a truck accident will want to find out if negligence was involved, so they can file a claim once they have achieved maximum medical improvement.

This is where legal representation can be beneficial. Lawyers could hire investigators to obtain the police report and any other pertinent evidence, including work logs and phone records. Attorneys can handle the negotiations for reasonable settlements too.