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Off-road vehicles feature fire hazard due to production mistakes

Recreational vehicles are supposed to be fun. Having a small vehicle that you can go off-road on it can enhance everything from long weekends to chores around your homestead. Whether you use an off-road vehicle for fun or to get things done, you expect that they will operate properly and safely, as long as you are smart about how you drive them and engage in proper maintenance.

Most of the time, when recreational or off-road vehicles cause injuries to their drivers, it is the driver who is responsible for the situation. However, as a recent recall from Polaris makes clear, design and manufacturing issues could make a recreational vehicle less safe for the person who purchases or drives it.

Recreational vehicles could lead to a serious fire risk

Polaris has announced a recall that affects two models of its popular RZR recreational off-road vehicles. Specifically, those who have recently purchased a 2021 PRO XP or PRO XP 4 may need to contact the Polaris dealership where you made the purchase to request repairs. The issue has to do with the oil supply line.

Some of the vehicles produced did not have copper seal washers in place. Their omission means that oil can leak and potentially cause a fire. Thankfully, only leaks have thus far been reported, not fires, but a mistake of this kind could lead to major injuries, severe property damage or even the death of an owner or user. The company estimates that less than three dozen vehicles have this issue, but all owners of potentially affected vehicles should verify whether repairs are necessary.

This recall comes on the heels of another recall that involved roughly 2,050 vehicles earlier in May due to a crash hazard caused by power steering issues.

When manufacturing mistakes occur, consumers suffer

Manufacturing complex equipment like motor vehicles requires proper facilities, trained employees and diligent quality tests. Something as glaring as a fuel line component should never be overlooked.

When companies make mistakes in manufacturing or quality control, consumers are the ones who could end up injured or dealing with expensive property damage. Those hurt by defective products and who suffer property loss because of them may have grounds to take legal action against the manufacturer.