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Organizations provide winter driving safety tips

Driving in the winter in Illinois means sometimes dealing with hazardous road and weather conditions. However, drivers who are prepared can avoid many cold-weather pitfalls. The National Safety Council released a list of recommended items to have in the car during the winter months. Among the recommended items are a shovel, jumper cables, a spare tire/jack/tire iron, tow chains, matches and blankets.

Additionally, the NCS says drivers should carry a bag of salt or kitty litter to melt snow and improve traction if the vehicle gets stuck. When a breakdown occurs, it’s important to have a toolkit, reflective triangles, flares and a flashlight. In an emergency where a vehicle is immobilized, these items can help keep the driver safe, comfortable and alive.

AAA has also provided some winter safety tips for drivers. Among them are to avoid using the parking brake during winter weather, refrain from stopping while going up a hill, make sure the gas tank is always at least half-full and slow acceleration and deceleration. These tips are designed to help drivers avoid crashes.

Motor vehicle accidents are more likely when roads are icy or when visibility is poor. Drivers in Illinois should do their best to prepare for winter driving and then be careful on the road.

Those who are hurt in winter driving car accidents may be able to recover for lost wages, medical expenses or other damages. An attorney with experience in personal injury law might be able to assist an injured person by gathering medical records or deposing witnesses. Such evidence could be valuable when negotiating for a settlement.