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Over two millions pounds of poultry recalled

It may seem to some in Belleville that product recalls are becoming more and more common. Some may say that this is due to poor manufacturing standards leading to inferior products that are more likely to include potentially dangerous defects. Others may answer that claim with the argument that the dissemination of information had expanded so much in recent years that it only seems as though there are more recalls because the public hears about them more frequently.

So which of these claims is correct? According to experts, both may be. It is true that the channels of communication have expanded so much that it makes it much easier to reach consumers with information about recalls. At the same time, it is reported that food production and mass distribution has increased to the point of making large recalls more common. The recent recall of over two million pounds of poultry products illustrates this fact. Shipments sent to primarily industrial business customers in seven states have been recalled due to metal contamination (the exact type of metal found in the meat was not reported). At this point, no adverse reactions to the contaminated poultry have been reported.

The fact that a recall was initiated in this case before an injury or illness was reported speaks to another element of recalls that has changed in recent years: early detection. Enhanced safety standards make it easier for both companies and regulatory agencies to identify and initiate recalls. Yet it is important to remember that even with a product recall in place, those who are adversely affected are not barred from seeking legal action. Anyone needing to do so may first wish to consult with an experienced attorney.