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Reducing the chances of a large truck collision

Illinois drivers have good reason to be cautious around large trucks. Commercial truck drivers can become drowsy and distracted behind the wheel, causing severe accidents. However, one expert says that 70 percent of all collisions between trucks and cars are caused by drivers of the latter. The U.S. DoT found that 66 percent of all large truck fatalities in 2016 were passenger vehicle occupants.

Drivers will therefore want to consider the following safety tips. All too often, vehicles are found tailgating trucks, which is a recipe for disaster. Drivers should maintain at least 500 feet of distance from trucks depending on their speed. They should also look ahead for one fourth or one half of a mile. If drivers see brake lights or emergency flashers in the distance, they can take preemptive action.

Being aware of the trucker’s actions is also key. One can tell that drivers are being unsafe when they drift in and out of lanes; the same can go for truckers. On the other hand, truckers may change lanes to avoid debris or another obstruction, so drivers should anticipate such moves, especially in construction zones. They should be on the lookout for rough stretches and oil spills. In rain, snow and fog, drivers must slow down and increase their braking distance.

In the event that truck driver fatigue, distraction or impairment leads to a collision, those who are injured through little or no fault of their own might want to see a lawyer about their next step. This state follows the rule of contributory negligence, which means that plaintiffs who are eligible for damages will have the amount lowered based on the degree of their own negligence. A lawyer might hire investigators and other experts to gather the necessary evidence before proceeding to negotiations.