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Safety tips for the construction worker

Construction workers are at risk for injuries every day they go to work. With all the active sites around Illinois, workers must do what they can to stay safe.

Our team wants nothing more than to make sure workers go home injury-free at the end of every workday. Take a look at some safety tips to help you do just that.

Inspect ladders and scaffolding

Climbing to work at a height is a standard part of the job on any construction site. This also is why falls are the number one accident that occurs in these jobs. A primary factor in preventing them is for every worker to inspect every ladder and scaffolding before use. This means taking a hard look at whether it is stable. Ensure that ladders are taller than what you need and out from the wall at a proper distance. Lastly, make sure the area around is free of standing water and debris, so there is no possibility of slipping on the way up.

Look twice around machinery

Drivers getting in and out of heavy equipment are vulnerable and prone to get hurt. This is due, in large part, to their lack of visibility. It is always worth an extra few looks before climbing in or out of the cab. Failure to do so may lead to a crush or stuck-between injury, two of the top five in the industry.

Wear protective gear

Always protect your body with the proper equipment. Hardhats and eyewear should abound on every construction site, but if not, bring your own. If working from a height, wear a safety harness. Don respirators when working with chemicals or materials that may become particulates.

For more information on how workers can stay safe at work, follow the link here to our web page.