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Fierce Advocacy For Clients Injured In Construction Accidents

Even experienced construction workers can be injured on the job due to the negligence of others. Construction work involves the careful coordination of many individuals, and each has different responsibilities and duties. If any of these contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, or other project leadership fail to meet their responsibilities or follow safety protocols, their negligence can result in injuries to workers.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Cook, Bartholomew, Cook & Jones, LLP are fierce advocates for individuals injured in construction accidents. From seasoned construction workers to civilians passing by construction sites, our experienced Illinois and Missouri construction accident attorneys represent individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

There are many potential hazards on construction sites. With over 150 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys are prepared to tackle even the most complex construction accident claims. Below are some of the most common hazards that can cause injuries or wrongful death on construction sites.

Falls From Heights

Employers are required by law to provide fall protection to employees who are working at heights. This could include providing guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, or other protective measures. If an employer fails to provide this necessary equipment, this could lead to a serious injury or death.

Even if employers provide fall protection equipment, workers may still be at risk if they are not trained on how to properly use it. For example, if workers are not properly anchored to their fall arrest system, a fall could result.

Fall protection equipment, such as harnesses or lanyards, can become defective over time due to wear and tear or manufacturing defects. A worker may also fall from a height if their employer fails to inspect and maintain this equipment regularly, or if they knowingly provide workers with defective equipment.

Workers can also fall from heights due to other unsafe working conditions, such as unstable scaffolding or slippery surfaces. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that the work environment is safe and free of hazards. If they fail in this responsibility, give our experienced construction accident attorneys a call.

Electric Shock Hazards

Electric shock hazards are common features of construction accidents because construction work frequently involves the use of electrical equipment and wiring. Workers may be exposed to electrical hazards while installing, using, or repairing electrical systems, lighting fixtures, or power tools.

Improper grounding or bonding, exposure to live wires, failure to follow safety protocols, and lack of appropriate protective gear may all lead to injury or wrongful death.

Trench Collapses

When the walls of a trench give way, workers can become trapped by or buried in the rubble. Employers are responsible for inspecting trenches and ensuring that trench walls are not overloaded. If they are improperly shored or sloped during their initial construction, this could also lead to a devastating trench collapse.

In addition, protective systems such as trench boxes or shields can help prevent trench collapses. If a worker’s injury or death results from an employer’s failure to provide these protective measures, holding them accountable can help prevent further harm.

Chemical Exposure

There are many different chemicals that can be found in and around a construction site. Some of these chemicals are harmless, while others can be very dangerous if employers do not enforce strict safety precautions. You may also have grounds for a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim if chemicals were improperly labeled or stored and you were consequently injured.

Employers are responsible for providing their workers with proper training on how to safely handle hazardous chemicals and materials. If a worker lacks sufficient training, they may not be aware of the potential risks of exposure to certain chemicals, such as asbestos, lead, mercury, and hydrofluoric acid. These chemicals can cause serious health problems if you are exposed to them for an extended period of time, affecting construction workers and unsuspecting individuals who inhale chemical fumes from a nearby site.

Machinery Accidents

Machinery is essential for the efficient and safe completion of construction projects. Machinery use can lead to injuries, however, when employers disregard proper safety procedures.

Employers must provide protective gear such as hard hats, gloves, and eye protection to help prevent workers from being injured in accidents involving heavy machinery. Even if they do, however, poorly designed machinery can still result in serious injuries. If a manufacturer designs machinery that is inherently dangerous, they may be held liable for any injuries or deaths caused by the machinery.

At Cook, Bartholomew, Cook & Jones, LLP, we represent individuals injured in accidents involving heavy machinery including excavators, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, backhoes, graders, rollers, concrete mixers, and pavers.

Moving Vehicle Accidents

Moving vehicle accidents are one of the most common – and most dangerous – types of construction accidents. Car accidents or other vehicle accidents may occur when a construction worker is hit by a vehicle, or when a vehicle collides with a construction site. Construction workers and others may be at risk of being struck by a moving vehicle while they are working on the road, crossing the street, or walking in a construction zone. The driver or the construction company may be held liable for moving vehicle injuries depending on the circumstances of the incident.

Fire And Explosions

Many construction sites involve the use of flammable materials such as paint, solvents, and gasoline. Failing to store these materials properly or mishandling them can increase the risk of fires and explosions.

In addition, construction sites require adequate electrical infrastructure to power heavy machinery and tools. If the electrical system is faulty, it can cause short circuits, sparks, and other hazards that could lead to injury or wrongful death.

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