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Answering Your Questions About Diagnostic Errors

Although diagnostic errors are preventable, it has been reported that these mistakes affect millions of patients each year. It can be devastating to discover that your physical well-being has been compromised by this type of medical malpractice.

At Cook, Bartholomew, Cook & Jones, LLP, we understand that you have questions about this life-changing matter. Our medical malpractice attorneys have helped countless individuals recover damages for the harm caused by a trained professional’s failure to diagnose a condition, disease or illness. We are providing answers to frequently asked questions on diagnostic errors because we want you to know your options.

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Why do diagnostic mistakes happen?

There are a variety of reasons that this type of mistake occurs. When patients transition to another provider or facility, important information may not be communicated to the new team. Medical professionals may not have enough time to thoroughly review the patient’s history or conduct thorough assessments. Diagnosing a medical issue is complicated and there are many opportunities for valuable details to get lost in the process.

How common is cancer misdiagnosis?

A cancer misdiagnosis is among the most frequently misdiagnosed diseases. Cancer shares many symptoms with other illnesses, which makes it easy to be misdiagnosed with some other condition by a doctor during consultations. The Journal of Clinical Oncology estimates that cancer misdiagnoses occur over 40 percent of the time.

Is the standard of care different in emergency rooms than in other medical settings?

Yes. Because emergency rooms are often more busy than other medical settings, emergency room staff are not held to the same standard of care as specialists and other medical providers. If you believe that you have a valid misdiagnosis claim, it is critical to work with an attorney.

At our firm, we know how to build strong cases using expert testimony and compelling evidence. Our medical malpractice lawyers, Joseph Bartholomew and Colleen Jones, are intimately familiar with the type of information that needs to be presented in court to get results.

What can I do if I believe that my condition has been misdiagnosed?

Before you file a claim, talk with an experienced lawyer about your concerns. Our firm offers free claim assessments so that you know your options before you begin the legal process. We will give the time that you deserve to share your story before we make our suggestions. We will provide honest advice about the strength of your claim and the types of compensation you may receive for your injuries.

During this overwhelming time, we are here to give you straightforward and compassionate counsel.

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