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Helping Families Recover After the Loss of a Loved One

After a fatal accident, spouses, children and other dependents are the primary victims. Shock after the loss of a loved one combined with the financial pressures can make the healing process even more challenging. At Cook, Bartholomew, Cook & Jones, LLP in Belleville, Illinois, we understand the very difficult situations faced by our clients who have lost a loved one in a tragic accident. We will take the time to review the individual facts of your case, identify responsible parties, and work aggressively to help you and your family recover the compensation you deserve.

Illinois “Next of Kin” and Wrongful Death Statutes

In the state of Illinois, “next of kin,” including children and spouses are entitled to recover for grief and sorrow, loss of society, companionship, love and affection. In Missouri, you are also entitled to recover punitive damages against negligent parties under certain circumstances. Our lawyers will review your case and accurately evaluate your claim, working with top professionals and experts in medicine, law and finance. We are experienced in settlements and negotiation, but are prepared to take any case to trial, when necessary. Our Belleville wrongful death attorneys are experienced with cases involving:

Handling Your Case With the Dignity and Discretion It Deserves

Our role is not to interfere with your grieving process, but to take care of the practical aspects of your financial situation so that you can focus on recovery. We treat every case with the dignity and respect it deserves, remaining mindful of the difficulties faced by your family. When you are ready to talk about your loss, we are here. If a complication arises in your case, we will handle it. At every stage, we will focus on your needs, your rights and the future well-being of your family. Free consultations. Weekend and evening appointments available. Call 618-235-3500 to speak directly with our Belleville fatal accident attorneys or contact us by e-mail at your convenience. Home and hospital visits upon request.