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Speed cameras are just one piece of the safety puzzle

When you’re working in a work zone on a major highway or street, the last thing you want is for a driver to enter that work zone and hit you. Unfortunately, that is one of the major concerns that construction workers and highway workers may have.

One of the ways that the industry and the states are starting to help with this is by implementing speed cameras in work zones. These cameras tag vehicles that are speeding, send out speeding tickets, and hopefully, reduce the number of speeding vehicles in the area.

Some people claim that this isn’t enough and is nothing but a money grab, but using speed cameras can influence how drivers move in an area. While they might not be the only solution, they can help and be part of the answer created to slow down drivers in work areas.

Work site safety can’t just rely on speed cameras, though, as they are passive. That’s why workers have to pay attention to what is happening around them and take steps to stay safe. They should report areas where drivers aren’t slowing down and make their employers aware. Additional steps, like lighting flares or adding more directions for drivers may be essential to keeping the area safe from collisions.

What should you do if there is a crash in your work site?

If there is a crash in your work site, it’s essential that you or anyone else who was hurt can receive medical attention as soon as possible. Call 911 and have the police block at least part of the roadway to prevent more vehicles from entering the construction zone. After this, you can seek compensation through workers’ compensation, so you can continue to get the medical care and support you need.