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Steps you can take to avoid a wrong-way driver

Perhaps the best way to avoid a wrong-way driver is to stay off of the road after dark. Most of these accidents happen at night, and most involve some level of impairment from alcohol and/or drugs. If you stay home at the times when these crashes are most likely to occur, you significantly reduce the odds that you will be injured by a wrong-way driver.

That said, you can’t always predict when these incidents happen, and you can’t always just stay home to avoid crashes. If you do see a wrong-way driver, there are some things you can do to try to lower the odds of being hit.

Here’s what you should do as soon as you notice the headlights coming toward you

If you spot the headlights in time to take evasive action, the first thing to do is to stay as far to your right as you can. If the wrong-way driver thinks they are going the correct direction on the road, they are most likely to be in the left lane.

You may also be able to get that driver’s attention. If you can see their headlights, they can see yours, so you may want to flash your lights at them and honk your horn. It could be a completely honest mistake that they will fix as soon as they realize what they’ve done.

You also want to be very careful about the traffic around you. Don’t swerve wildly or drive into oncoming lanes to avoid the wrong-way driver. Try to stay calm and collected, reduce your speed, and do what you can to avoid a crash. Then, call the police and report the driver as they go by.

If you are injured in an accident that one of these drivers causes, then it’s time to look into your legal options to seek compensation.