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Study results on distracted driving

According to a study conducted by Esurance, an insurance company, even though a majority of drivers in Illinois and the rest of the nation agree that distracted driving is dangerous, many drivers still engage in the behavior. The results of the study also indicate that the drivers who state that they hardly drive while distracted do admit to participating in distracting behavior.

Almost 10 percent of roadside fatalities are the result of distracted driving, a statistic that has remained relatively constant since the percentage topped out at 15 percent 10 years ago. During that time, the automotive and technology industries, as well as federal and state governments, have been taking actions to reduce the number. Many jurisdictions have banned texting while driving, and smartphones now have settings, some which are automatic, that prevent them from being distractions while their owners are behind the wheel. Modern vehicles are also equipped with advanced driver aids, such as lane keeping, collision alerts, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

The report released by the insurance company contains survey data obtained from over one thousand respondents. Over 90 percent of the participants stated that texting, sending or checking emails and browsing for apps were distractive. However, more than 50 percent of the daily commuters admitted to engaging in those behaviors. The results of the study also show that the likelihood that a driver will become distracted while driving increases as the commute get longer.

A personal injury attorney may litigate to obtain financial compensation on behalf of clients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. The negligent drivers may be held personally liable for crush injuries, permanent disability, head injuries and the expenses that may result from those injuries, such as those related to long-term medical care and rehabilitation.