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Takata airbag dangers trigger another recall of Ford Rangers

Illinois consumers who own or ride in Ford Ranger pickups from model year 2006 could be in immediate danger from faulty airbags. A recall notice from Ford Motor Co. directs people to contact their local dealerships to confirm whether their vehicles are on the newest recall list of about 3,000 Rangers in North America. Two deaths caused by malfunctioning airbags in 2006 Rangers prompted the automaker to announce the recall.

Takata Corp. produced the airbags that have been the source of the largest vehicle recall in U.S. history and that has affected most automakers. The dangerous airbags explode during a crash and send metal shrapnel through the interior of vehicles. Ford had previously recalled vehicles associated with the airbag problem, including almost 400,000 Rangers built from 2004 to 2006. The newly recalled 2006 Rangers were built between August and December 2005 at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicles outfitted with Takata airbags have caused 15 fatalities in the United States. Ford has made replacement parts available to dealerships, and owners of Rangers need to ask about free repairs as soon as possible.

Manufacturers issue product recalls like this to prevent injuries and deaths because they have financial responsibility for harm caused by defective products. Other parties that could bear responsibility for defective car parts could include distributors and retailers. In any event, people who have been injured by a dangerous product, or the surviving family members of those who have been killed as a result, might want to discuss their situation with a products liability attorney.