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Taking action after your construction injury claim was denied

If you suffered a work-related injury as a construction worker in Illinois, it is likely that you were not able to work for a significant amount of time afterward. The construction industry requires that their workers are physically able to lift and operate machinery. If you become physically injured, you may even need to consider a change of career in the long term.

Many people go through the process of applying for workers’ compensation, but, for one reason or another, get ultimately denied. It is important that you do not blindly accept a workers’ compensation denial, because you may be able to successfully appeal the decision by looking into the details.

What are some common reasons for the denial of workers’ compensation?

It is common for workers’ compensation claims to be denied because they are not filed in the given time frame. You should notify your employer as soon as possible after the injury and try to submit you claim within 30 days. Additionally, workers’ compensation claims can be denied because the worker did not seek medical treatment after the injury, which is usually a requirement.

What should I do after I am denied workers’ compensation?

The first thing that you should do is contact the insurance company to ask them why the application for workers’ compensation was denied. You may have simply missed some information on the application, for example. When you have a reason behind your denial, you can consider whether it is necessary and appropriate to make an appeal.

How do I make an appeal against the decision?

You must get the appropriate paperwork that will help you to appeal the decision. It is likely that you will also need additional evidence to successfully change the course of the claim. For example, if the insurance company denied your claim based on the belief that your injury did not occur at work, you should try to gather witness accounts and doctors’ evaluations to dispute this.

If you want to make sure that you get the workers’ compensation that you deserve after a construction accident, it is important that you take swift action to make an appeal.