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Teaching your teen to drive safely? Remember to practice

As a parent of a young teenager, it’s important to teach them how to drive safely and get where they need to go without putting themselves or others at risk. Teens are some of the most at-risk drivers because they’re still learning how to drive and may not have as much knowledge of the road as others.

Teen drivers are required to go through the graduated driver licensing (GDL) program, which has helped greatly reduce the number of teen driving deaths, at a rate of around 51%, since it was implemented in 2008.

Teens must meet some unique requirements to get their licenses and to keep them.

What is the 50-hour practice driving log?

The 50-hour practice driving log tracks all practice your teen gets behind the wheel. This is required for all teen drivers who are applying for a driver’s license while under the age of 18.

Illinois has this requirement in place because crashes are the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 20. By requiring at least 40 hours of practice driving during the day and 10 at night, it’s possible to be sure that teens have the practice and training they need behind the wheel before they are allowed to drive on their own.

What are the requirements for those 50 hours of driving?

The 50 hours must be done correctly to count on the log. At least 40 hours have to be performed during the day and 10 must be at night. On the log, you should also track the weather conditions. While it may be a good idea to choose calm, clear conditions for the initial few hours of day or night driving, it’s also important to be sure that your child gets some experience driving in the rain or snow. If it is not the time of year when snow or ice are present, consider spending additional time with your child teaching them when those conditions do occur.

Your teen will need to work on these 50 hours with someone who is 21 or older and who has had a license for at least a year. Doing this, it’s hopeful that your child will stay safe against car crashes with others.