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The 4 Most Common Fatal Construction Site Accidents

Construction site accidents are far too common, resulting in devastating injuries and even death. Working on a construction site requires awareness and understanding of potential risks and an effort to reduce them through safety guidelines and equipment usage. 

Here are the most common deadly dangers you may encounter if you work in construction:

1. Falls

One of the most significant risks of working on a construction site is falling from heights. With parts of a building or structure still in the process of being constructed, protective barriers may not yet be in place to safeguard workers from accidental falls. Injuries resulting from these incidents can be quite severe, ranging from head trauma and broken bones to more serious life-threatening complications. 

2. Struck by an object

Heavy machines, tools and debris increase the risk of a construction worker being struck by an object. Something may become loose due to improper installation or other forms of negligence and fall from heights of up to two stories or more.

3. Getting caught in or between objects

Another common and preventable cause of accidents is workers being caught in or between objects. This type of accident is especially dangerous when two vehicles collide or an object falls onto someone; the worker can suffer grave injuries due partly to the immense pressure they are exposed to during these accidents.

4. Electrocution

Electrocution continues to be one of the leading causes of accidents on construction sites. It has proven deadly in many cases, and even when it does not cause death, it can still lead to severe burns or other illnesses. Electrocution occurs when a person comes into contact with live wiring and can be caused by working in wet areas, inadequate insulation and unsafe extension cords.

Working on a construction site requires constant awareness of your surroundings. However, even with precautions, you may still get hurt. It’s essential that you are aware of your rights under workers’ comp. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries to cover loss of income and medical costs.