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The many lurking causes of construction site injuries

As a construction worker, you should do whatever it takes to remain safe on the job site.

Unfortunately, even when you take all the right steps, you never know if you could suffer a serious injury.

It’s imperative that you understand the many causes of construction site injuries, as this can help keep you safe. Here are some of the most common:

  • Slip-and-fall. Construction sites are known for being full of debris, some of which can act as a trip hazard.
  • Falling objects. Any object that falls from above, such as shingles or tools from a roof, can injure an individual standing below.
  • Equipment accidents. There are many types of equipment in use on a construction site. From power tools to dumpsters to forklifts, an accident can happen at any time.
  • Fires and explosions. There are many causes of a fire or explosion on a job site, such as bad wiring or leaking pipes.
  • Building collapse. This is every bit as dangerous as it sounds, as anyone inside a building during a collapse could suffer a serious injury or even be killed.
  • Heat stroke. Construction workers don’t always know when to take breaks, which increases the likelihood of heat stroke.
  • Repetitive motion injury. When a construction worker does the same job over and over again, such as reaching or lifting with one or both arms, it could lead to a repetitive motion injury.

It’s one thing to understand the most common causes of construction site injuries, but another thing entirely to avoid these.

If you ever suffer an injury on a construction site the first thing you should do is receive medical treatment. Once you do this, report the accident to your employer. If your medical team feels that you are unable to immediately return to work, it’s time to learn more about your rights under the workers’ compensation system.