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The potential dangers of scaffolding platforms 

There are numerous risks associated with construction sites. Often, workers have to negotiate the use of heavy machinery and cumbersome, dangerous tools. However, scaffolding is one commonplace hazard that is often overlooked.

Research suggests that scaffolding accidents account for approximately sixty deaths per year in the USA as well as thousands of injuries. As a result, the potential dangers of scaffolding warrant further consideration. 

Scaffolding collapses

It is vital that scaffolding is built upon a solid foundation. The scaffolding framework itself may be heavy and it will also have to hold the weight of workers. Additionally, scaffolding that is unbalanced creates the potential for a collapse, which can cause devastating injuries. 

Slip, trips and falls

Frequently, scaffolding is utilized to reach areas that are significantly above the ground. This creates the potential for falls from heights. Falls from heights could result in severe injuries, such as spinal cord damage, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Importantly, the fall does not even need to be from a great height to cause catastrophic injury. 

Falling objects

Crucially, scaffolding presents a potential risk to those who operate below as well as those who are based on the platform. Parts of the framework or floor that have not been securely attached could loosen and become completely detached. Additionally, tools or equipment that have been left on the floor could easily be knocked over, creating a real risk of injury to those below. 

Understanding the potential dangers of scaffolding might be in your best interests. Importantly, as a construction worker, you have legal rights in the event that you have been injured while working.