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The pros and cons of LASIK

LASIK is a surgical procedure that can improve a person’s eyesight. By changing the shape of the cornea, the procedure allows Illinois patients to rely less on glasses and contacts to see properly. The FDA regulates any device used to perform a LASIK surgery, but it does not regulate the doctor who performs it.

Therefore, there is no rating system or other FDA regulations related to the procedure. Furthermore, the FDA will not tell doctors how much to charge to have a procedure done. Those who are worried about the cost are generally advised not to get LASIK surgery. Those who are against taking risks may also want to avoid the procedure. This is because there is the potential for side effects after any surgery, and there is no long-term data for LASIK patients.

Individuals who take part in contact sports or are worried about a surgery’s impact to their careers should avoid LASIK as well. It’s important to also remember that the procedure is not approved for anyone under the age of 18. Patients should be aware that they could lose their vision or develop problems with dry eyes. Therefore, they should inform their doctors about any previous eye surgeries or eye injuries before having a LASIK procedure.

While surgical errors may occur during any procedure, some mistakes could constitute medical malpractice. If a malpractice claim is successful, injured victims could be entitled to compensation for medical bills and missed wages during the recovery time. They could also be entitled to lost future earnings if an injury keeps them from returning to work.