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What are the 3 industries with the biggest workplace risks?

Some jobs are far more dangerous than others. Someone who works in an office, for example, has a lower risk of an injury than someone who works on a farm.

What kinds of careers have the highest injury rates in the United States?

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers are in third place

With dozens of annual fatalities and hundreds of non-fatal injuries each year, professionals in the airline industry are at exceptionally high risk. They work with dangerous machinery, and failures of their equipment may prove fatal. While crashes are a concern, falls and equipment are also significant contributing factors to the risks that many people face.

Fishing professionals are second

People who fish for a living and those who work support jobs in the commercial fishing industry have a high rate of fatalities and injuries on the job. Anyone who works on open waters is at risk of drowning or illness caused by environmental exposure.

Cumbersome equipment and unpredictable weather can make fishing a very dangerous industry for the people involved. This is why it is the second most dangerous industry for employees.

Logging professionals are in the most dangerous industry

Logging is a massive industry that causes dozens of fatalities and more than a thousand non-fatal injuries every year.

Obviously, the equipment that loggers work with, like chainsaws and large transportation vehicles, are very dangerous. The trees themselves can also be a source of risk, as they may fall in ways that even professionals cannot anticipate.

The more dangerous the industry in which you work is, the more important it becomes for your employer to invest in adequate safety equipment and training. Injured workers should also have workers’ compensation insurance to help them with medical costs and lost wages.

Learning about job risks and worker rights can help you obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job.