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What causes most work accidents?

On-the-job accidents happen all the time in every industry. They do not just happen in high risk or dangerous professions. In fact, the most common workplace accidents in Illinois are not as dramatic as you may think. Arbill explains that many of the most common work accidents result in injuries that are moderate to minor, although some may cause more serious injuries or death.

A work injury that can happen in any industry that is quite common is falls, slips and trips. You could just as easily trip on a rug in the office and injure yourself as you could fall from a platform and injure yourself. Nowhere is safe from this type of accident. Another one that is similar is repetitive stress injuries. No matter where you work or what job you do if you do repetitive actions, it can lead to this type of injury. While generally treatable, a repetitive stress injury can be debilitating.

Some other common accidents that have the potential to occur in any job include traffic accidents when driving company vehicles and fires. Some professions may be less at risk for these issues while others may be at higher risk, but in any case, there is a potential for them to occur in almost any field.

Lastly, a common injury that may be more specific to certain injuries is being struck by an object or caught in between objects. While this is less likely to happen in some professions, there is still the chance for more minor injuries in a setting such as an office where you could get hit in the head by a book falling off a shelf. However, these injuries are more severe in higher-risk professions, such as construction or factory work. This information is for education and is not legal advice.