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What is a drop test?

If you’re interested in buying firearms for hunting or as a hobby, you know how important it is to ensure that those firearms are safe. Even the smallest mistake could potentially be fatal. There is no room for error and you need to know that every gun you purchase is built to the absolute highest safety standards.

One way that companies measure this is by performing a drop test. What is this and what is it attempting to prevent?

A gun—especially a pistol—should never fire when dropped.

The basic principle is that no firearm should ever suffer an accidental discharge if it is dropped on the ground by the person who is using it. This could include a hunter dropping their gun in the woods or someone at the shooting range dropping a pistol or handgun on the floor. Regardless of the distance of the drop or the location where it happens, the gun should not fire when it hits the ground.

A Pistol Drop Test Can Save Lives. Lack of Testing Can Cost Them.

When it comes to handguns, the pistol drop test is simply a way for companies to test out new handgun designs to make sure that there are no defects that would cause the gun to fire. They certainly try to design the guns in a way that this won’t happen, but it’s still important to test them because this defect may not be immediately obvious to the consumer. The company needs to know that the person isn’t going to find out about the defect through a catastrophic event where a loved one is injured or killed.

If you have lost a loved one in a firearms accident, or if you’ve been seriously injured and you believe a defective gun was involved or that there may have been improper or negligent pistol drop testing involved, then you may need to consider your rights to compensation.