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What should you do after a construction accident?

Construction work may be risky, whether it is at home or in a commercial space. Usually, there are several incidences of work-related severe injuries reported at construction sites. These are among the challenges you may have to deal with as a construction worker. However, some laws protect your rights as a construction worker.

According to Findlaw, if you fall victim to construction accidents, there is a need to analyze the situation before seeking justice. It would help if you first determined the compliance of safety standards at the construction site. Also, you should assess liability, indemnity, and engineering issues to understand the circumstances of the accident. So, what steps should you take if you get injured in a construction site accident?

  • Ensure you are free from danger by seeking medical attention.
  • Notify the construction manager or the site owner and note down their name and designation.
  • Take note of details such as the names of colleague workers who may have witnessed the accident.
  • Keep the available evidence of the accident. The best proof to keep is taking photographs of the scene and the injuries sustained and keeping any tools involved.

If you carefully follow the process above, you may get compensated for the injuries. Usually, the law holds owners and managers of construction sites liable for any accident that may injure a worker.

Construction site managers should uphold high safety standards. If they do not ensure proper safety, they will get charged with negligence in case an accident occurs. Consequently, they will become responsible for any compensation issued to the injured worker.