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What the NTSB wants to see happen this year

The National Transportation Safety Board has come out with its 2019-2020 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety, and six of the 10 items relate to trucks or truck drivers. The top item on the list is to eliminate distracted driving. The NTSB recommends that drivers not be allowed to use handheld electronic devices while driving in Illinois or any state. An exception would be made for those using a device to get directions.

Another allowance would be made if the device was used for emergency purposes. The NTSB is also asking that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration determine how many drivers use drugs or alcohol while driving. Furthermore, the NTSB wants the FMCSA to create a program that will better diagnose sleep apnea in drivers. This may help to reduce the number of crashes caused by fatigue.

Another item on the list includes the mandatory installation of forward collision systems on all trucks, cars and buses. The board would also like emergency braking systems installed on those vehicles as well. In addition, trucks and buses would ideally be equipped with features that could limit speed. To further reduce speed-related crashes, states could allow for the use of automated enforcement techniques. Public education programs would also be used to help keep drivers safe regardless of what type of vehicle they drive.

If an accident was caused by truck driver negligence, an injured victim may obtain compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Negligence could include driving while tired or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An attorney may represent a truck accident victim at trial or during settlement talks.