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ZF uncovers benefits to external airbags

Many car parts manufacturers are working to perfect the technology behind external airbags. This safety feature should be of interest to drivers in Illinois, but they should keep in mind that it won’t be introduced to the driving public for a while yet. The ZF Group is one car parts manufacturer that is clear about the benefits of external airbags. According to ZF, this technology could reduce injury severity by up to 40 percent.

ZF’s model of external airbags deploy from a vehicle’s sides to act as an extra crumple zone in a T-bone collision. Like a pillow, they are meant to absorb some of the impact. The airbags weigh about 13 pounds and are 80 inches long, 21 inches high and 15 inches wide. Inflation time is 15 milliseconds, comparable to that of steering wheel airbags. This is all the more impressive considering the dimensions (which will vary depending on vehicle size).

Currently, predictive systems will protect vehicle occupants by tightening the seatbelts or adjusting the suspension in the face of an impending crash. Because external airbags pose a far-reaching solution, there are concerns that they will not deploy the split second before a crash or that, even worse, they will deploy at unnecessary times. However, ZF says that advances in camera and sensor technology will put these concerns to rest.

Even with safety advances, negligent driving can still cause serious injuries. That’s why the victim of another party’s negligence may want to file a claim for compensation. An attorney could help a victim gather the necessary evidence and negotiate with the applicable insurance companies to obtain a fair settlement.